Mar 31 2022


6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Balance/Vibro With Amanda

A high-energy, fun and challenging workout that will lift your tush and tone and tighten all the right areas. Utilizing a ballet barre, this class incorporates isometric movements, using some ballet movements and resistance training achieving that awesome “I just worked my booty off [literally]” look while still being low impact on bones and joints. All levels welcome

This class is 30mins of low impact total body! The class is done on a vibration plate which you can pick your intensity from a 1-99. The board will then “shake/vibrate” your body to help reduce cellulite as increase blood circulation. This class is perfect for all ages. And will definitely shake up your regular workout. The study behind the plate is that from the vibrations your muscles are contracting more then double the amount they would be while performing the same exercises.